Recruiters target top talent, screen and verify that all certifications are in good standing.

In addition we require: MedXX Standards and Qualifications:

  • Proof of State license (unencumbered)
  • Minimum of 2 professional references
  • At least 12 months of workplace experience
  • Full background screening and drug test (including any involvement in professional or general liability suits)
  • Proof of current CPR
  • Annual physical based on state requirement
  • TB results up to date
  • Proof of hepititis vacc. or hep B declination form
  • HIPAA training
  • Bloodborne pathogens training
  • Zero tolerance for no-shows

All employees undergo an in-depth interview process.

  • Phone screen
  • Face to face interview to determine skills, experience, and knowledge in each individual speciality.
  • In house orientation defining Medxx policies and procedures
  • Several training courses (including abuse training, sexual harassment, proper lifting, payroll, etc.)
  • Completion of various skills tests
  • Employee performance reviews